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I'm a dance writer living in San Francisco.


TOBA SINGER is the author of "First Position: A Century of Ballet Artists."

She is the Dance Selector and Senior Program Director of the Art and Music Center of the San Francisco Public Library. She grew up in The Bronx and graduated from New York City's High School of Performing Arts, having majored in Drama. She became active in the movement to desegregate New York City public schools and continued her political activism while attending Boston University and the University of Massachusetts. She spent the next 30 years actively engaged in the struggles of working people and their allies. She has lived, worked, organized and written in Baltimore, Boston, Cambridge, Charleston, West Virginia, Jersey City, Richmond, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., where she held jobs in steel mills, chemical refineries, garment factories and as an airlines worker. Articles by her have appeared in the Charleston Gazette, San Francisco Chronicle, Dance Magazine, Dance Europe, Voice of Dance, and CriticalDance.

In the mid-1990s, Singer returned to the studio after not having taken dance class for 25 years. She met dancers who were beginning to write about dance online. They invited her to contribute to their websites. Singer then became a founding member of the board of the Robert Moses' Kin dance company. Toba Singer has studied dance with Svetlana Afanasieva, Nina Anderson, Perry Brunson, Cora Cahan, Jane Dudley, Richard Gibson, Zory Karah, Donald McKayle, Françoise Martinet, Augusta Moore, Gertrude Shurr, and Kahz Zmuda. Her son, James Gotesky, dances with Houston Ballet. Singer lives with her husband Jim Gotesky in San Francisco. She is currently working on a book about Fernando Alonso and his unique contribution to ballet pedagogy.


dance, theater, social history, cooking, film, reading, travel, languages.